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Antioch Center for School Renewal

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“The mission of the Antioch Center for School Renewal is to work with schools and communities to make lasting, positive change in the day to day school experiences of the students, educators, and families we serve.”

The Antioch Center for School Renewal has 30+ years of experience in providing high quality professional development for educators across New England. As the service division of the Department of Education at Antioch University New England, our school coaches, drawn from highly skilled, experienced K-12 teacher-leaders, consultants, and core university faculty, are part of an educational institution that dates back to Horace Mann and embodies the values of progressive, student-centered education.

We believe that:
*students and teachers do well when they can.
*relationships are the foundation of all learning, that knowing others and being known is the key to success.
*social-emotional learning must be embedded in authentic academic experiences.
there is no single path to successful change and that no two good schools look alike.
*organizations develop organically and, like all living systems, grow best in healthy environments.
*schools should be organized for the success of children rather than for the convenience of adults.
*learning- for adults and for children- is a messy process and that messiness should be celebrated and embraced as a part of the growth process.

Antioch University provides learner-centered education to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice. We aspire to be a leading university offering learners and communities transformative education in a global context that fosters innovation and inspires social action. Antioch University New England provides transformative education through scholarship, innovation, and community action for a just and sustainable society. We are committed to innovative academic excellence, integrating practice with theory in a collaborative learning environment that is attentive to multiple learning styles.

Antioch University New England believes in ecological stewardship and social justice, cultivating local as well as global perspectives to educate students with diverse backgrounds and opinions to become leaders of change.

Antioch University New England values community engagement: using place-based practices to foster scholarship, activism

Professional Development Opportunities or Events:

Outreach Services

To fulfill our mission, the Center provides three main outreach services for schools. We offer on- and off-site professional development workshops and institutes, customized to meet the unique needs of teachers, schools and communities.

Our School Coaching services create job-embedded professional learning opportunities for teachers that not only adhere to the high standards of Learning Forward, but also represent best practices in adult learning and professional development.
For schools seeking program evaluation services to assess existing programs as a means to improve performance, we provide a team-based and utilization-focused evaluation approach customized to the needs of the individual school client.
Experienced and Innovative Facilitators

ACSR is proud to represent a tradition of “walking our talk” in our programs and services. Our facilitators are able to model pedagogical excellence teaching not only content, but also the process skills needed for instructional success. Our programs are interactive, hands-on, energizing, and unlike any in-service you have experienced before! Meet the faculty.

Meeting the Needs of Our Clients

ACSR clients include the full spectrum of schools: public, independent, and k-12 from all across the geographical, socio-economic, and philosophical continuum. We support schools and districts in need of improvement, schools in restructuring, and schools with very specific needs for change, such as:

*technology integration
*competency-based instruction & assessment
*instructional improvement
*school redesign/ restructuring
*service learning
*place based learning
*integration of 21st Century Skills
*building of communities of professional practice
*content area coaching
*inquiry driven science
*arts integration
*bullying and harassment response and prevention
*action planning
*implementing the Common Core

We have worked with thousands of educators from hundreds of schools throughout New England and around the world to support the development of classrooms and schools into strong, dynamic learning communities. Teachers and school administrators turn to the Center for help and guidance, support and resources, coaching and consultation, training and professional development to address their pressing issues and worthy aspirations.

Employment Opportunities: