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Atrium School

Atrium School Contact Information:

69 Grove St
Watertown, MA 02472-2826

Phone: 6179234156

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Atrium School's PreK – Grade 8 progressive education encourages academic curiosity, creativity, and exploration while fostering each child's intellectual growth. Our students develop confidence in themselves and respect for others within a joyful, vibrant community of nurturing teachers, engaged parents, and enriching partnerships.

At Atrium, an emphasis on collaborative, balanced, hands-on curriculum enables students to gain and exercise critical thinking and problem-solving skills across multiple curricular areas. Students develop strategies that nourish their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical self-confidence and growth. In all of their interactions and studies, Atrium students are given time to question, explore, experiment, and reflect both independently and cooperatively.

We encourage children to build on their distinct experiences. Each child engages in a process of discovery that recognizes and references his or her uniqueness within a community of learners. This process fosters responsibility for one’s own development, promotes self-knowledge and a sense of independence and self-reliance within the context of a group.

Community is a powerful and pervasive force at Atrium. Respect for each individual within a group and each individual’s membership in the community defines the essence of interaction at the school. Teachers, families, and administrators work to meet the evolving needs of children. Together they form a partnership of mentors, collaborators, and allies who guide children to think and act responsibly.

At Atrium, diversity is seen as a positive aspect of our lives and an essential aspect of education. The children, staff, parents, board members, and friends of the school recognize the fact that diversity exists in the languages we speak, the colors of our skin, the gender and age we are, the traditions we observe, the structures of our families, the financial and educational resources in our families, and the special needs we may have. We believe that our separate heritages, beliefs, and choices of expression help to define us as individuals, and that our commitment to learning about one another and the larger world unites us as a community. Differences of all kinds are acknowledged and explored with enthusiasm and respect.

Our 2016 Essential Question:

What is joy and excellence?