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Clonlara School

Clonlara School Contact Information:

1289 Jewett Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48014

Phone: 734-769-4511

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Clonlara School's mission is to provide programs and services that recognize and support a learner’s curiosity, strengths, interests, and talents as the foundation of his or her educational experience.

For nearly 50 years, Clonlara has been empowering students in Ann Arbor and across the globe to participate purposefully and eagerly in their own education. We are a fully accredited private K-12 school, and our staff works closely with families to craft an education plan that is tailored to each individual student’s unique learning style, needs, and goals through three core offerings: our Campus Program, which serves students at our Ann Arbor location; our Off-Campus Program, which supports home-based and distance learners around the world; and our Online Program, which provides a web-based option that allows distance learners to select from a catalog of “ready-to-go” courses in lieu of creating their own. In addition, because we are committed to helping families design their ideal educational plan, we offer the flexibility for students to tailor our offerings to meet their needs. For example, Ann Arbor students can participate in a blended option that combines campus and off-campus learning, while others can combine study in our Off-Campus or Online Programs with classes at their local public or private schools through a dual enrollment option.