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Community Charter School of Cambridge

Community Charter School of Cambridge Contact Information:

245 Bent St
Cambridge, MA 02141

Phone: 617-209-9819

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Community Charter School of Cambridge (CCSC) is a charter public school. Located in the Kendall Square area near MIT, the school serves 360 students in grades 6-12.

Open since 2005, CCSC provides a rigorous academic program that places all students on the pathway to college success. The CCSC academic program is demanding, and students are held to very high standards for both academics and behavior. The school’s small size and low student-faculty ratio ensure that every student is well known to and closely supported by a dedicated and skilled corps of teachers and administrators.

Our 2016 Essential Question:

How can we push ourselves to develop elements of our curriculum that pushes our students and teachers toward project based learning that improves our community's communication skills?

Our Competencies and Strengths:

We've done an effective job over the past few years at pushing students to be successful in their college acceptance and persistence, as well as their reading, writing and speaking skills. Our ability to hire, support, and retain effective teachers has increased over the past few years as well.

Our Challenges:

We demand a lot of our students and staff members

Employment Opportunities:

We are currently hiring in our science, Spanish, and special education departments. We are always looking for qualified applicants across subject areas, and are especially focused on employees who can push each other's intellectual engagement with their subject matter and who have an unwavering focus on student success in the classroom.