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Crater Renaissance Academy

Crater Renaissance Academy Contact Information:

655 N 3rd Street
Central Point, OR 97502

Phone: 541-494-6371

CES Affiliate for 5-10 Years

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Crater Renaissance Academy Arts and Sciences, founded in 2007 as one of four small schools converted from a comprehensive high school (Crater High School), follows the 10 common principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools. Renaissance students and staff actively pursue the ideals of our mission statement: To serve as a beacon school that graduates well-rounded students, with strong foundational skills, who connect subjects, ideas, people, problems and solutions; who create unique, significant work that contributes to the community and/or world; and who can change themselves, their peers and the world.

Renaissance is a four year public high school with a current enrollment of 452 students in grades 9-12. Our 2015-2016 Oregon School Report card indicated our school population consists of 16% Hispanic, 76% White, and 6% Multi-Racial. 57% of our students qualified for free or reduced lunch last year,15% maintain IEP's, and there is a gender differential of approximately 60% female to 40% male. Located in Southern Oregon's Rogue River Valley, Renaissance is one of three high schools in School District 6, serving a primarily rural population, encompassing the communities of Central Point, Gold Hill, and Sams Valley.

While the bell schedule appears as a traditional 7-period day, all students are part of multi-period, integrated curriculum, small learning communities. Renaissance teachers have collaborated to develop common instructional practices that focus on differentiation, and active, engaged learning. The purposeful development of a positive school culture has been one of the goals on the school work plan since inception, and has become the most recognizable strengths of Renaissance. Throughout their four years, students have access to accelerated options in their English classes, as well as a broad variety of differentiated and AP coursework. Staff maintains, and puts into practice, the philosophy that all students can and should be prepared for post-secondary education.