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Flinders University of South Australia – The FLAME Group

Flinders University of South Australia – The FLAME Group Contact Information:

GPO Box 2100
Adelaide, AL, South Australia 5001

Phone: +61 8 82013357

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We share a commitment to the ongoing formation of educational leaders, relational and strengths-based approaches to understanding and building sustainable organisations and innovating educational practices.

The Flinders Leadership and Management in Education (FLAME) research group conducts research and professional development in the areas of:
- Strengths based and relational approaches to leadership
- Culture change
- Remote and rural education
- Educational governance and policy
- School Redesign
- Innovating and innovation
- Organisational learning

Professional Development Opportunities or Events:

Keen to explore how we can take the work of CES into Australia to build an Australia-USA CES partnership to operate nationally out of the Flinders University School of Education