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High Tech Middle Chula Vista

High Tech Middle Chula Vista Contact Information:

1949 Discovery Falls Dr
Chula Vista, CA 91915

Phone: 619-591-2531

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As the newest middle school in the High Tech High family, High Tech Middle Chula Vista (HTMCV) is proud to serve the South Bay San Diego community by offering a rigorous, project-based approach to learning. At HTMCV, our curriculum is based on the HTH design principles of equity, personalization, authentic work, and collaborative design. Teachers, along with students, strive to create innovative project-based learning experiences that will engage our diverse group of students in complex, adult-world projects through which they will develop and apply skills and knowledge.

Our 2016 Essential Question:

How can we meet the diverse needs of our students through a rigorous, project-based approach to learning?

Our Competencies and Strengths:

As a part of High Tech High, HTMCV is an equity project. Teachers work actively to address inequities and help students reach their full potential. Our schools are intentionally diverse and integrated, enrolling students through a zip code-based lottery aimed at creating schools that are reflective of the communities we serve. Teachers recognize the value of having students from different backgrounds working together, and employ a variety of approaches to accommodate diverse learners without academic tracking. High Tech High has an acute focus on college entrance and college completion for all students.