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Ideas Consulting provides professional development and educational software for schools truly interested in a personalized approach to schooling. We are best known for our work with digital portfolios for students and teachers.

Our work is driven by a simple philosophy: we believe the best educational technology projects are those driven by the education, rather than the technology.

We take a very personal approach in working with schools, as we believe the process of defining a vision, developing a portfolio culture, learning to use the technology, and determining how best to gather and assess student work must be as individualized as the most effective teaching and learning.

In the words of Theodore Sizer, "no two good schools are alike." We bring extensive experience from schools in a variety of settings, but we see each project as unique.

Just as the best schools personalize teaching and learning to fit the needs of each student, we create software products, workshops, and seminars that are meant to fit each school.

Professional Development Opportunities or Events:

We provide professional development programs that come in the form of workshops, webinars, and coaching. Beyond just providing technology training, we help you determine what makes a portfolio effective, establish effective rubrics, and develop a review structure that will make it easy for your audience to view the portfolio in its entirety.

Our current professional development can be found at: .