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New York Performance Standards Consortium

New York Performance Standards Consortium Contact Information:

317 East 67th Street
New York, New York, NY 10065

Phone: 917-821-8592

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The New York Performance Standards Consortium is a coalition of New York State public secondary schools that has developed a proven practitioner-developed, student -focused performance assessment system for its 38 member schools in New York City and State. T The Consortium's system is to meet graduation requirements in lieu of high stakes testing. The system's main components are:
• Practitioner-designed and student-focused assessment tasks
• External evaluators for written and oral student work
• Moderation studies to establish reliability
• Extensive professional development
• Predictive validity based on graduates’ college success

Additional components include an emphasis on:
• Inquiry-based teaching and learning
• Discussion-based classrooms

Professional Development Opportunities or Events:

The Consortium supports a wide range of professional development activities including
demonstration courses, curriculum development seminars, residencies, interschool visitations, professional development conferences, and teacher and administration led workshops, The Consortium develops inquiry-based curriculum (Teacher-To-Teacher publications) in both print and dvd format, hosts working groups that focus on developing strategies and accommodations for special education and English as a Second Language students, and initiates such projects as the Collegiate Preparatory Certification program, (in which practitioners develop DOE certified courses) and the CUNY Four Year College Pilot Program.

Employment Opportunities:

The Consortium works with public schools. Employment opportunities reside in the schools.