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301 W. 57th St., #45A
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Phone: 6468633872

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The QUESTion Project is an innovative educational program of Open Future Institute, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports high school students to shape their lives with inspiration, meaning and purpose.
We believe that education can more directly and formally support students with some of the most fundamental life questions, in order to help them define who they are, discover their purpose in life, and shape their role and contribution to society.

We offer a semester-long elective course for high school students, called the QUESTion Class, that supports a peer-to-peer exploration of life's biggest questions (i.e. Who am I? What is my purpose, and how do I find it? How can I contribute to the world?). This course is implemented through partnerships with teachers, administrations and staff, in order to meet the needs of the whole school community. It is supported by a comprehensive curriculum and teacher training program that really gets to the core of what it means to be human.

Through our work, students are reporting greater self-confidence, more open-mindedness, a better understanding of the bigger picture, and a greater ability to recognize multiple perspectives.