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The Children’s School of Art and Science

The Children’s School of Art and Science Contact Information:

1295 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Phone: 650-469-3656

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The Children's School of Art and Science is a small, progressive independent school near downtown Palo Alto serving students K – 6, with unique practices to support the love of learning. Students practice mindfulness, engage in stage performance, and learn through in-depth projects with cross-disciplinary themes. Teachers form personal relationships with each child based on developmental research and make strong connections with families.

Our 2016 Essential Question:

How do we live together in this world?

Our Competencies and Strengths:

1. A school-wide mindfulness practice shared by staff and students.

2. Stage performance as a way to showcase learning, engage students actively, and develop important communication and teamwork skills.

3. In-depth, cross-disciplinary study based on inquiry into a school-wide theme.