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The Crefeld School

The Crefeld School Contact Information:

8836 Crefeld Street
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Phone: 267-970-9663

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Guided by the common principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools, and committed to progressive education, Crefeld embraces experiential education. When you walk around our beautiful campus, you will notice that education is alive in every classroom and students are actively engaged in their learning.

Through our Community Service Learning program - where all students, every Wednesday, give back to the greater good - Crefeld promotes being a critically engaged citizen.

Our students understand their role in society and how they can make a difference.

Our students come from all over the Philadelphia region and bring the richness of their own neighborhoods to school every day. We celebrate varied perspectives, and work towards the common goal of developing competencies for higher education and life beyond Crefeld.

Our 2016 Essential Question:

How can we become a CES Regional Center?

Our Competencies and Strengths:

The Crefeld School provides an educational setting that fosters academic success, strong personal relationships, and personal growth. Through direct and constant involvement, dialogue between students and teachers is kept vital and personal.

As a progressive school, we prepare all of our graduates for continuing education, citizenship in a democracy, and productive lives. We embrace a diverse community in which all members are safe, respected and valued; and we believe that in actively promoting this type of learning environment, we are fostering intellectual, social, and emotional growth for all. We celebrate the varied appearances, abilities, perspectives, and values characterized by our community.