Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

The New School

The New School Contact Information:

38 York St.
Kennebunk, ME 04043

Phone: 207-985-3745

CES Affiliate for 1-5 Years

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TNS’s Mission

The New School is a democratic high school that empowers students to reach for the best in themselves, love learning, and become responsible stewards of our world.

TNS accomplishes this mission by:

Offering rich, integrated learning experiences within and outside the classroom that ignite students’ talents and passions;
Giving students a strong voice in the design of the curriculum and the governance of the school;
Providing a safe, supportive learning environment where differences are honored and bullying is not tolerated;
Coupling a challenging academic program with authentic assessment methods that honor students’ strengths and nurture their growth;
Integrating social and environmental responsibility into the curriculum and everyday life at the school.