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Yampah Mountain High School

Yampah Mountain High School Contact Information:

695 Red Mountain Dr
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601-3239

Phone: 970-948-3581

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The mission of Yampah Mountain High School (YMHS) is to be a learning community designed to develop meaningful relationships, an appreciation of life-long learning and the academic skills necessary for the 21st century student. This holistic vision is built on principles from Glasser’s Quality School Model, 21st Century Skills and the Coalition of Essential Schools.

The unifying strategy in achieving the mission has been personalized learning. This strategy has been at the heart of student engagement. Despite a strong push towards standardization within public schools in the last few decades, YMHS has remained committed to working with each student to customize a plan that best positions that student for success. Students come to understand their learning styles, aptitudes, interests through a variety of tools and teachers construct lesson plans that are differentiated to various learning modalities. An important supporting strategy to personalized learning is project-based learning that integrates curriculum. Students engage in math, writing, science while putting together a project. Whether it’s building a solar car, planting a garden, cooking a meal, or coding an App for a smartphone, students will experience core content in the process. Technology is an integral part of the experience and will facilitate development, collaboration and presentation.

Throughout this personalized learning experience, all students will experience three prominent themes: The first theme will focus on content knowledge. Students will be exposed to a rich and varied curriculum in history, science, literature and math that will develop essential cognitive skills, while exposing kids to a wide range of ideas. The second theme will focus on post-high school readiness that will include tools derived from 21st century skills around collaboration, personal responsibility, cultural awareness, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. The third theme will focus on well-being. All students will engage in practices of mindfulness, self-awareness, team-building skills and leadership training. All three themes will flow through the curriculum and be an ongoing part of the learning experience.