As part of the Year of Demonstration, we’re highlighting the essential books and resources that have shaped the Coalition of Essential Schools’ history. This series, called the CES Essentials, offers thoughts on these works from educators and others who create schools and school systems that demonstrate the power of the Common Principles in action.

We’re starting with books written by our founders. The first set of CES Essentials includes:
→ Theodore R. Sizer’s Horace’s Compromise, with a reflection by Larry Myatt
→ Theodore R. Sizer’s Horace’s School, with a reflection by George Wood
→ Theodore R. Sizer’s Horace’s Hope, with a reflection by Eileen Landay
→ Deborah Meier’s The Power of Their Ideas, with a reflection by Ayla Gavins
→ Deborah Meier’s In Schools We Trust, with a reflection by Chris Lehmann

Read the recollections of impact that we will share here, and then join us at the CES Facebook page to share your own–and recommend the books and other resources that have most powerfully shaped you as a learner and teacher. And if you’re new to these books, please read one (or more!) this summer. Then join our conversation among friends about creating the best schools for all of our young people.