Pre-conference School Visits, Thursday, November 10 | Fall Forum 2011, A Conversation Among Friends | November 10-12 | Providence, RI

Nov 10 - 12, 2011 Providence, Rhode Island The Met School,



 The fee for Fall Forum pre-conference school visits is $125. Please visit the Conference Fees and Registration page for additional information on pre-conference activity fees and registration information. All pre-conference activities include a light breakfast, on-site lunch, and transportation from and to the Met School in Providence. We have provided approximate departure and return transportation times from the Met School; please know that these may be subject to change. We will communicate with registered school visit participants about transportation times and other specifics. You may also choose to arrange your own transportation to and from the school sites by special arrangement with CES.

The registration process for Fall Forum 2011 provides an opportunity to choose a school visit and/or Providence CitySearch. Please note that space for all Fall Forum 2011 pre-conference acitivies is limited and is available to registrants on a first-paid basis. Please feel free to contact CES with any questions about the pre-conference activities at or 510-433-1451.

Day-long school visits are confirmed for the following schools:  

Blackstone Academy Charter School, 334 Pleasant Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island | High school, grades 9-12 - Blackstone Academy was established in 2002 as a small, public high school of choice for students from Central Falls and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The school was founded to give students in these communities the option of attending a college-preparatory high school that connects learning to the community. Through participation in in-depth Community Improvement Projects, Blackstone students learn skills that will benefit them as they learn how to become real world problem solvers. Rigorous coursework prepares students for college and other programs of higher education.

Boston Arts Academy, 174 Ipswich Street, Boston, Massachusetts - please click here for the Fall Forum pre-conference page for a day long learning experience at Boston Arts Academy focused on integrating the arts into academic disciplines

Boston Day and Evening Academy, 20 Kearsarge Avenue, Roxbury, Massachusetts - An alternative public charter high school located in Roxbury, a Boston neighborhood, Boston Day and Evening Academy is open 12 hours a day in order to serve any Boston Public School student who is overage for high school, who has had trouble with attendance issues, has been held back in 8th grade, who feels they are not getting the attention in class that they need to succeed, or who has dropped out but is eager to come back to school to earn their diploma.

Fenway High School, 174 Ipswich Street, Boston, Massachusetts | High school, grades 9-12 - Fenway High School’s mission is to create a socially committed and morally responsible community of learners, which values its students as individuals. Fenway’s goal is to encourage academic excellence and to develop intellectual habits of mind, self-esteem and leadership skills among all students. 

Francis W, Parker Charter Essential School, 49 Antietam Street, Devens, Massachusetts | Middle and high school, grades 7-12 - A six-year public secondary school of choice, the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School is open to all residents of Massachusetts in grades seven through twelve. Parker was started in 1995 by area parents and teachers committed to the principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools. The school was named after Francis W. Parker, the 19th-century New England educator who is known as the father of American progressive education. CES founder Theodore R. Sizer and Nancy Sizer participated actively in Parker's ongoing development and work; they served as Parker's co-principals in 1998–99.

The Met School, Providence and Newport Rhode Island campuses | High school, grades 9-12 - The MET is a network of six small, state-funded public high schools located in Providence and Newport, Rhode Island.  With high standards and strong family engagement, the MET’s individualized learning approach has proven successful in unlocking students’ passion for learning.  The MET empowers its students to take charge of their learning, to become responsible citizens and life-long learners.  The hallmarks of a MET education include internships, individual learning plans, advisory, and a breakthrough college transition program. The MET is the model for 80 schools across the country. It is a leader in school reform and is consistently identified by a sweeping range of education leaders as one of the most effective models in the country. 

Mission Hill School, 67 Alleghany Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts | Elementary and middle school, grades K-8 - The Mission Hill School is a Boston Public School, serving children in grades K-8. We are a small community, with approximately 170 students. Our Multi-age classrooms typically consist of no more than 20 students and most children spend two years with the same teacher. At Mission Hill, we believe that the task of public education is to help parents raise youngsters who will maintain and nurture the best habits of a democratic society be smart, caring, strong, resilient, imaginative and thoughtful. We aims at producing youngsters who can live productive, socially useful and personally satisfying lives, while also respecting the rights of all others. The school, as we see it, will help strengthen our commitment to diversity, equity and mutual respect.

The Learning Community, 21 Lincoln Avenue, Central Falls, Rhode Island | Elementary and middle school, grades K-8 - The Learning Community is a vibrant public school serving Central Falls, Providence and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. A K-8 school proving poverty is not a barrier to achievement, we serve over 500 students in our school and hundreds of other teachers and students in the schools where we work as professional development partners. This work fulfills our bold mission: at The Learning Community, we believe that literacy empowers each individual to have a voice, assume community responsibility and take social action. We expect leadership at every level. We grow teacher leaders, student leaders and community leaders. 

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