YoD.FINALffIn addition to registering and attending, there are three ways to participate in Fall Forum 2016, which will take place December 2 and 3 in Providence, Rhode Island.

→ Option One: develop a Fall Forum Workshop! Workshops are created for and by educators, school leaders, students, and community members. We also welcome proposals from organizations and individuals who support Essential schools. If selected, workshop presenters have their conference registration fee waived (up to two waivers per workshop). Workshops can be either 3 or 1.5 hours. Proposal Deadline: June 9, 2016. We strongly encourage early submissions! Workshops selected by June 16.

To apply to facilitate a workshop, click here.

→ Option Two: be an Opening Speaker! We will select five to eight people to begin the second day of the Fall Forum with a short story about the ways CES schools have changed lives. We want to feature students, alumni, and educators from CES schools sharing the impact of the CES Common Principles. If selected, Opening Speakers will have their registration waived and will receive a hotel/travel stipend. Opening Speaker submission deadline: rolling through September 16, 2016. We strongly encourage early submissions! Speakers selected by September 23.

To apply, submit a short video clip of your story – more details here.

→ Option Three: gather colleagues around a topic as a Conversation Convener! Networking blocks during the Fall Forum will allow you to convene a conversation around a specific question, a job title, a region, or whatever creative need you have. Conversation Convener deadline: September 16, 2016. We strongly encourage early submissions! Conversations Topics selected by September 30.

To convene a Fall Forum networking conversation, click here.