thelastoneWe were able to capture and share a few of the millions of words that were exchanged among us at Fall Forum–far too few, but still, quite wonderful ones. Our Saturday morning speakers shared their thoughts from their particular perspectives of student, teacher, and principal. And one of CES’s founders, Nancy Faust Sizer, who was there at the very beginning and every step along the way, told her truth at our closing moments.

Here are all of their remarks:

→ Emily Garlock, School as Family

→ Benadette Manning, The Truth about Teaching and Learning

→ Dave Lehman, A Culture of Caring and Justice

→ Nancy Sizer, The Training Wheels Are Off

We’re grateful to Emily, Benadette, Dave, Nancy, and the thousands of educators who have come to Fall Forum over the years to share their thoughts, energy, questions, wisdom, and friendship.