Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 10 | 1994 | Issue 1

Teacher Education in the Essential School: The University-School Partnership: Discusses the benefits of placing student teachers in schools involved in reform and describes two programs that integrate teacher education and Essential schooling. Download PDF

Demographics, Regulation, Assessment: Who Teaches? How Well? How Do We Know?

Like many attempts to make schools better, teacher-education reforms have been complicated by an ill-defined emphasis on accountability-in this case, regulating who enters into the teaching profession and how. In an ongoing analysis, Columbia University professor Linda Darling- Hammond has explored how several intertwined issues affect availability, assessment, and regulation of teachers. State certification of teachers varies widely, Darling- Hammond

Suggested Readings/Information

Suggested Readings Linda Darling-Hammond et al., Model Standards for Beginning Teacher Licensing and Developm ent: A Resource for State Dialogue, developed by Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium. Available from Council of Chief State School Officers, One Mass Ave NW, Suite 700, Washington DC 20001-1431. Tel.:   202-336-7048    202-336-7048 . john GOODLAD ET AL., Teachers for Our Nation’s Schools; The

Teacher Education in Essential Schools: The University-School Partnership

In a few rare programs, aspiring teachers are learning their profession not in university lecture halls but in the trenches of reform-minded schools. But how goes life along the deep fault line between theory and practice, the culture of universities and the world of schools? The last day of classes for seniors at Souhegan High School could have been any

What Should Pre-Service Education Look Like? An Atlas Community’s Answer

At a brainstorming session in spring 1993, members of the ATLAS community in Gorham, Maine (including faculty from the Gorham schools and the University of Southern Maine) generated a draft describing what features pre-service teacher education ought to have in an ATLAS community. What follows is excerpted and condensed from that description:   Apprenticeship model. Pre-service students learn the craft