Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 10 | 1994 | Issue 3

Technology in the Essential School: Making Change in the Information Age: Looks at key areas of Essential school change to see how technology can speed progress; includes technology tips for school people and a resource list for technology and learning. Download PDF

Tech Tips for School People

Multi-line central school phone systems can foul up attempts to telecommunicate. A good solution is to install a few dedicated single lines exactly where you need them to use your modems. No matter how fast computers are, people still take time to learn new things. Allow for plenty of extra time to get teachers and students up to speed, and

Technology in the Essential School: Making Change in the Information Age

No matter how powerful, high tech alone can’t make schools better. But if schools will first define the issues facing them, technology can prove a key strategy in achieving their goals. Ninth-grade history students in Tucson, Anzona take on the roles of citizens of the ancient Greek city-states competing for survival-huddled in teams as Macintosh computers calculate the economic and

The Digital Portfolio

The concept for the Digital Portfolio was developed by David Niguidula with the support of the IBM Corporation, as a computer-based tool for what the Exhibitions Project at the Coalition has termed “planning backwards.” A first implementation was developed by Richard Bourgon at the Coalition of Essential Schools. Primary development of the current prototype was done by Michelle Riconscente of

Where to Go for Help: A Resource List for Technology and Learning

General guides to technology Report of the Technology for Restructuring Institute, Toni M. Maddox, ed.; published by Center for Excellence in Education, Indiana University, 201 North Rose Ave., Bloomington, IN 47405. A guide in outline form which identifies key issues in school change (including authentic assessment, learning styles, outcome-based education, student as worker); lists references and resources in each area;