Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 6 | 1990 | Issue 4

What Students Say about Essential Schools: Voices students' ideas about the role that personalization plays in their learning and about how attending an Essential school affects their motivation and learning. Download PDF

One Student’s View: “This all sounded too simple”

In many classrooms in many schools people have ideas on the way that schools should be run. Over generations our ancestors have developed ideas on what a good learning environment is. This idea is strange because it has never been questioned. And why not? Japan is leaving the U.S. behind in productivity as we speak. Why does this happen? Some

What Students Say About Essential Schools

I am lost at Parkway South High School. The carpeted corridors make their own logical maze around and up and down the stairways, and bright wall graphics mark the way towards the cafeteria, the school nurse, the library, the pool –I should be able, I tell myself, to find my way around. But in the din between the bells, as