Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 9 | 1993 | Issue 2

What Works, What Doesn't; Lessons from Essential School Reform: Sets forth more than 20 hard-earned lessons and advice from veterans of Essential school reform about how-and how not-to approach school change. Download PDF

What Works, What Doesn’t: Lessons from Essential School Reform

Lesson 1 Change efforts fail without the support of all key stakeholders from the start. Lesson 2 Get consensus on the  need for change before you start – then begin working toward a common understanding of what that change will mean. Lesson 3 Parents can be teachers’ biggest allies. Lesson 4 Get conflict out in the open. Lesson 5 Plan

Horace: Volume 9 | 1993 | Issue 2 Published: April 12, 1993 By: Kathleen Cushman Topics: The Change Process