At the Copier: Stories of School and the Coalition of Essential Schools

thelastoneWorking in a school is often inspiring, sometimes outrageous, occasionally hilarious and frequently humbling. As we know there are stories educators often only share with one another, the candid moment of that was deeply moving or that you know no one will really believe is true. We’ve all been told by someone in our family that we should write these down. Here is your chance to share.

At Fall Forum, on Friday, December 2 from 8:00 – 10:00 pm in the Narragansett Ballroom, join us for an evening of true stories about the behind-the-scenes truth of the life of an educator and the daily prayer of making a school. This is the space for personal stories that aren’t going to be told on a panel or in a monograph, and for important memories of work with the Coalition of Essential Schools, Ted Sizer, and working with one another.

How it will work:

Listeners welcome! And if you want to tell as story, you will have 5 minutes. Your story must be true. To sign up for a slot in advance, email us now at with your name and a general idea of what you want to share.  Remember a story that your colleague told you?  Urge them to tell it.  Have a creative idea of how you want to share this?  Get in touch. If space allows, we’ll also allow attendees to sign up to tell a story on the spot.

Think about your story in advance. Practice it. Use your authentic voice. Lean on a note card if you want. Tell the story as a pair. Get in touch with us if you have questions or creative ideas.  Practice your story and then cut it a little more – almost every story goes longer when it is told live. You’ll run out of toner at 5 minutes.

Here’s some advice from the good people at The Moth:

Visit the Fall Forum online schedule to let us know you’ll be joining us: