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Marlboro School

Marlboro School Contact Information:

PO Box D, 2669 Rte 9
Marlboro, VT 05344

Phone: 802-254-2668

CES Affiliate for 10-15 Years

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Marlboro School is the K-8 public school for the town of Marlboro, VT. Currently there are 80 students enrolled. As a Vermont public school we work within the Vermont Educational Quality Standards. However we are independent in the development of our curriculum and educational program. We believe that students are successful when they are known well by the educational community and when their learning is directed by that knowledge. Students graduate from Marlboro School after completing a portfolio based on our Realms of Learning that they present to a panel of educators and school board members. This model draws on the work of the Mission Hill School in Boston and the Compass School in Westminster, VT.

Included in the learning opportunities at Marlboro School are Field Research to Cape Cod, New York City, Washington, DC and Costa Rica for 5th-8th graders, Forest Kindergarten every afternoon, a strong Farm to School program which includes a school garden and compost center, Spanish instruction, and a strings program for all 1st-3rd graders.

Our long connection with CES has been invaluable.

Our 2016 Essential Question:

What is the role of community in a small, rural school? What does "equity" mean in a small, rural school?

These are questions for our staff and our town. The answers will have considerable impact on our students.

Vermont is currently implementing a state statute, Act 46, which is intended to increase equity and decrease spending through the consolidation of governance. Town school boards are encouraged to merge with other town school boards into single larger districts.

Our Competencies and Strengths:

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