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SEEQS: the School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability

SEEQS: the School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability Contact Information:

845 22nd Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816

Phone: 8086773377

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The School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability (SEEQS) is a secondary public charter school in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. We currently serve more than 150 students in 6th through 8th grades. SEEQS offers an interdisciplinary project-based, community-based, tuition-free secondary school experience for Oahu families. SEEQS equips its students with the skills and habits of mind for success in the 21st century, including critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Learners engage in a project-based, collaborative curriculum centered around multi-disciplinary examination of questions essential to our collective future.

Our 2016 Essential Question:

How can we deepen connections between discipline-specific content and performance standards, our interdisciplinary EQs project, and our SEEQS Sustainability Skills?

Our Competencies and Strengths:

interdisciplinary, student-driven project-based learning
portfolio defenses

Our Challenges:

We are committed to community-building first, and restorative practices when they're needed. Maintaining a community takes constant and intentional work. We are expanding that work so that it also includes parents and community members, helping to deepen their understanding of what we do at SEEQS, and the impact we think our practices can make on individual students and society as a whole.