A Final Performance Across the Disciplines

Discuss behavior patterns as reflected in the insect world, in animals, in hurnan beings, and in literature. Be sure to include references to your course work over the term in Inquiry and Expression, Literature and the Arts, Social Studies, and Science. This may include Macbeth, the drug prevention and communication workshop, Stephen Crane’s poetry, “A Modest Proposal” and other essays you have studied, Mark Twain’s fiction, and behaviors you have observed in our School- within-a-School. You may also add references to what you have read about in the news recently.

Day one of the exam: You will be given four periods in which to brainstorm, make an outline, write a rough draft, and write a final copy in standard composition form. You will be graded not only on how well you assimilate the material but also how well you reflect the “student as worker” metaphor and how responsibly you act during the testing period.

Day two of the exam: You will assemble in villages of three, evaluate anonymous papers according to a set of criteria, and come to a consensus about a grade. Each paper will be evaluated by at least two groups and two instructors. Again, a part of your overall semester grade will have to do with how responsibly you act and how well you demonstrate the “student as worker” metaphor.

(Thanks to Melinda Nickle at Springdale High School, Springdale, Arkansas.)