A Preview of CES ChangeLab

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CES National has embarked on a new online project, CES ChangeLab, that promises to connect educators with the inner workings of the twenty CES Mentor schools over the next five years. Connected to the CES Small Schools Project (described in greater detail on page 3), CES ChangeLab will offer behind-the-scenes access to experiences, tools, resources, and stories from many of the schools that have gone the farthest in embodying CES principles.

CES ChangeLab, scheduled to debut in Summer 2004, will offer multimedia examples of curriculum and professional development materials, how-we-did-it lessons and ideas, question-and-answer opportunities with veteran CES teachers and administrators, and other such resources. Intended for educators, the CES ChangeLab will help users get directly to the inspiration and answers they need, with ways to search for resources by area of interest or by school. For example, users could search for lots of ideas about how to structure off-campus internships, or for sample budgets and schedules from a given mentor school.

Users will interact with CES ChangeLab resources in a number of ways: through evaluating and commenting on the Mentor Schools’ resources, through scheduled panels with educators from the featured schools, and through more general online discussions.

CES ChangeLab is being designed with input from users of the current CES website; many site visitors participated in an online survey that assessed needs and online capacity. As a central repository of the philosophies, structures, and practices behind some of the best examples of CES schooling, the site is being designed to leverage lessons learned so that more schools can make their own way toward change without reinventing the proverbial wheel. People working to create new or restructure existing schools will be able to find the keys to whole-school change that will powerfully and positively affect their choices and direction.