Addendum: Parker Charter Essential School’s Wellness Program

Wellness is an integrated curriculum combining aspects of traditional health classes with physical education, games, fitness skills and other mind-body connection skills. The goals of the Wellness program developed by members of the Parker community are: to develop and nurture resilience; to foster and promote healthy decision-making and action; and to enhance personal and social responsibility among all community members. The Wellness program provides an experiential curriculum for all Parker students that engages, challenges, and supports students across all divisions (grades 7-12).

Parker’s Criteria for Excellence in Wellness

You identify responsible health behaviors.

You identify your personal health needs.

You compare your behaviors that are safe to those that are risky or harmful.

You demonstrate strategies to improve or maintain your personal health.

You develop injury prevention and management strategies for your personal health.

You demonstrate ways to avoid and reduce threatening situations. You apply skills to manage stress.

Interpersonal Communication
You demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills to enhance health.

You demonstrate healthy ways to express needs, wants, and feelings.

You demonstrate ways to communicate care, consideration, and respect of self and others.

You demonstrate communication skills to build and maintain healthy relationships.

You demonstrate refusal, negotiation, and collaboration skills to manage conflict in healthy ways.

Accessing Information
You evaluate the validity of health information, products and services.

You demonstrate the ability to utilize resources from home, school, and community that provide valid health information.

You analyze how media influences the selection of health information and products.

You demonstrate the ability to access school and community health services for self and others.

Decision-Making and Goal Setting
You demonstrate the ability to utilize various strategies when making decisions related to health needs.

You analyze how health-related decisions are influenced by individuals, family, and community values.

You predict how decisions regarding health behaviors have consequences for self and others.

You implement strategies and skills needed to attain personal health goals.

You evaluate progress toward achieving personal health goals.

Health Advocacy
You evaluate the effectiveness of communication methods for accurately expressing health information and ideas.

You express information and opinions about health issues.

You utilize strategies to overcome barriers when communicating information, ideas, feelings, and opinions about health issues.

You demonstrate the ability to influence and support others in making positive health choices.

You demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively when advocating for healthy communities.

You demonstrate the ability to adapt health messages and communication techniques to your audience.

Internal and External Influences
You describe the influence of cultural beliefs on health behaviors and the use of health services.

You analyze how messages from media and other sources influence health behaviors.

You analyze the influence of technology on personal and family health.

You analyze how information from your peers and your community influences health.

Physical Fitness and Movement
You participate regularly in physical activity and movement.

You achieve and maintain a personal health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

You exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.

You demonstrate competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities to maintain your personal health.

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