Learning as a Political Act: Struggles for Learning and Learning from Struggles

Learning as a Political Act is a collection of articles describing diffculties that minorities and other underserved students have had in their struggles to become educated. Several pieces describe educational visionaries’ successes, demonstrations that all students can learn in schools where teachers have high expectations for all and offer their students the means to learn in all disciplines. I especially loved Munir Jamil Fasheh’s “Reading Campaign Experience within Palestinian Society: Innovative Strategies for Learning and Building Community.” Fasheh describes a reading and writing program for Palestinian children that could be successful in any community anywhere because it builds strength in students, giving them the means to construct knowledge so they can make sense of their world. Students lose frustration and anger as they gain some control over their lives when they acquire the ability to solve their own problems. Learning as a Political Act both gave me hope and reminded me of the limitations of my own worldview in a multicultural school and society.

reviewed by Susan Phieffer

Susan Phieffer works as a Staff Developer in writing at South Lawrence East School in Lawrence, Massachusetts.