Notes on this Issue

The perspectives offered here may seem less inclusive of student voices than those that generally appear in Horace. But all the authors included in these pages – all CES network educators and school leaders – describe professional learning communities that “walk the walk,” using the CES Common Principles as their guide for inquiry and mastery. For CES veterans, some of the ideas shared here may ring occasional familiar notes. Of course, there’s good reason for that. Through points of connection such as Horace and other publications, Fall Forum, and regionally based gatherings and collaborations coordinated by CES Affiliate Centers, the CES network has shared what works with care and deep thought, and Essential schools continue to use, refine, and adapt ways of creating professional learning communities of educators passionate about improving outcomes for kids. Many thanks both to this issue’s authors, who thought and wrote with care about practices of adult learning within their school communities, and to the previous generation of CES educators who documented and shared methods and philosophies of learning for everyone that transform schools and the lives that they touch.