Quotes: Problems

How can mathematics (other than statistics and probability) be incorporated into interdisciplinary work? Must math be tied to –and driven by –the science curriculum? If so, does placement in the science curriculum depend upon competence in math?

Bob Shanner, dean and math teacher
Whitfield School
St. Louis, MO

We are running into scheduling problems because of interdisciplinary classes; students and staff are having difficulties planning our day.

Bruce Frana and Bill Graham, science and social studies teachers
Metro High School
Cedar Rapids, IA

How can we achieve performance-based assessment graduation requirements that is valid enough to defend the state against lawsuits?

Janet Carter, Executive
Director, Bruner Foundation,
New York, NY

When there are successful programs that require double or triple periods –child care, print shop, performing arts –what steps are required to insure that these programs are not jeopardized?

Robert Zarfoss, principal,
William Penn High School,
York, Pennsylvania

Our small, traditional community sometimes objects to the selection of materials as well as the changes in curriculum that Re:Learning brings to the classroom. Also, we do not feel that the current teacher evaluation process is suitable for appraising Re:Learning teachers.

James Floyd, principal,
Perryville High School,
Perryville, Arkansas

How do we get the staff to focus on important, accomplishable aspects of Essential school principles rather than their money aspects? How do we define “using the mind well” to teachers who have been doing things the same way for 10 or 20 years?

Terri Foy, Language Arts department chair
Spurgeon Intermediate School
Santa Ana, California