Teachers Learning Along a Continuum of Connections

Ann Lieberman uses this chart to describe the many ways that connections among teachers and the outside world can advance their professional growth.

“Direct” Teaching

  •  Inspirationals
  •  Awareness sessions
  •  Initial conversation
  •  Charismatic speakers
  •  Conferences
  •  Courses and workshops
  •  Consultations

Learning in School

  •  Team teaching
  •  Peer coaching
  •  Action research
  •  Problem-solving groups
  •  Reviews of students
  •  Assessment development
  •  Case studies of practice
  •  Standard setting
  •  Journal writing
  •  Working on tasks together
  •  Writing for professional journals
  •  On-line conversations
  •  School-site management team
  •  Curriculum writing
  •  Mentoring
  •  Peer reviews of practice

Learning out of School

  •  Reform networks
  •  School/university partnerships
  •  Subject matter networks
  •  Study groups
  •  Collaborations
  •  Teacher centers

Reprinted with permission from Ann Lieberman’s “Transforming Conceptions of Teacher Learning,” in M. W. McLaughlin and I. Oberman, eds., Teacher Learning: New Policies, New Practices. New York: Teachers College Press.