The Digital Portfolio

The concept for the Digital Portfolio was developed by David Niguidula with the support of the IBM Corporation, as a computer-based tool for what the Exhibitions Project at the Coalition has termed “planning backwards.” A first implementation was developed by Richard Bourgon at the Coalition of Essential Schools. Primary development of the current prototype was done by Michelle Riconscente of the Coalition staff using Toolbook software from Asymetrix. An earlier prototype, developed using Linkway Live! software from EduQuest, was created by Ms. Riconscente with further enhancements, including development of the interface and the use of multimedia, developed by Terry Waltman, Errol Rosser, and Jane Patla of Eduquest. Yoland Jenkins has taken the lead for further development of the product at EduQuest. Revisions for the current version have come from suggestions at numerous conferences and from the students and staff at Eastern High School (Jefferson County, Kentucky) and Thayer High School (Winchester, New Hampshire).