YoD.FINALffMost Likely to Succeed (MLTS), the film that’s driving conversations about the future of school in thousands of communities, is offering the Coalition of Essential Schools network a special opportunity this fall All currently affiliated CES schools and organizations can now receive a $150 screening discount in order to use screening events as fundraisers for attending the 2016 Fall Forum.

In addition to raising funds, hosting a screening of MLTS will create space for meaningful discussion about your school’s future and inspire innovation in your classrooms. The MLTS team will assign you a personal screening coordinator and equip you with a Community Screening Toolkit full of guides and resources to help you put together a successful fundraising event.

“Most Likely to Succeed” pushes us to radically re-imagine American education so that we better equip students for current and future economic realities by bringing us along as it dives deeply into life and learning at CES affiliate High Tech High.

Take a moment to view the trailer, and read on to learn how to set up a fundraising screening for your school or organization.

Currently affiliated CES schools and organizations: email us at affiliation@essentialschools.org with the subject header MLTS Screening and we’ll send you the information that you need to set up your screening.

Not sure if you’re a current CES affiliate? Check our 2016-2017 affiliation list to verify that you’ve renewed your CES affiliation.

If you need to create or renew CES affiliation, which is free of charge and open to all schools and organizations committed to the CES Common Principles and aligned practices, visit Join CES to affiliate today.