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raising handsThe Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) invites you–individuals, schools, and organizations engaged in building student-centered, democratic classrooms–to make your work visible to the world. Join CES to be counted among the schools and organizations across the country that are changing lives through personalized, equitable, and academically vibrant teaching and learning.

Joining CES is FREE and will bring you and your organization special benefits and a network of dedicated colleagues. See our network map and directory of school and organization affiliates for the growing national landscape of participatory, democratic, and student-centered learning.

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Joining CES enables you to:

  • NEW! Host a screening of Most Likely to Succeed as a Fall Forum fundraiser (please visit our MLTS info page for more information about this opportunity)
  • NEW! List position openings on the CES Jobs Board to reach and hire educators and other colleagues who share commitments to the Common Principles/deeper learning for all students
  • List your school or organization on our national map
  • Create a school/organization profile to advance networking
  • Take advantage of discounted registration at Fall Forum, our December 2016 national gathering of progressive educators
  • Share news on the CES site, social media, and twice-monthly email newsletter
  • List open enrollment professional development events on the CES Calendar (going live in September 2016)

We offer three CES affiliation categories:

Schools: Schools in our network are guided by commitments of the CES Common Principles, which include putting students at the center, assess student performance authentically, offering multidisciplinary curriculum, governing democratically, emphasizing inquiry, committing to equity, ensuring that school community members know each other well, and employing pedagogies that support students to become lifelong learners. Is this your school? Click here to affiliate your school with CES.

Organizations: Organizations affiliated with our network are non-profit or academic institutions that support the principles of progressive education and deeper learning. These range from community organizations working with youth to academic centers that train new teachers. Click here to affiliate your organization with CES.

Some affiliated organizations are also independent CES Centers which provide technical assistance to schools that have embraced the Common Principles. Email us if you want to know more about this network of support centers.

Individuals: There are many individual educators and advocates throughout the country working to advance participatory, student-centered learning in a variety of ways. Click here to affiliate with CES as an individual.