Notes on This Issue

One of the most wonderful aspects of editing Horace is having the opportunity to collaborate with CES educators willing to write about their teaching, their students’ learning, and their professional collaborations and growth. This issue offers the work of a group of math teachers passionate about their challenges as well as their achievements. They are inspiringly focused on equitable attainment of meaningful, powerful math learning for their students. And they care about building the strength of math education throughout the CES network.

Several times throughout the months of working with the dozen teachers who contributed to this issue, I wanted to jump the fence and join them. Nothing sounded as compelling, intriguing, and fun as teaching math (and I am a humanities teacher by training!). You’ll be swept up by their passion, enthusiasm, critical insight, and desire to improve and refine how we teach math in Essential schools. Many thanks for looking in and sharing out to all who contributed to these pages.