Notes on This Issue

The subtitle of this issue of Horace is “Teacher Voices,” and when you look at the authors listed above, you’ll see that the content for this issue has been written almost entirely by CES educators currently in the classroom. As Horace’s editor, I am delighted and deeply grateful for the hard work that all of these teacher-writers devoted to documenting their experiences of teaching literacy skills while keeping the focus on meaningful, relevant, and challenging curriculum.

In order to make room for these teacher voices, we’ve added four pages to Horace. And since this issue’s six articles are so dense with resources, we opted to omit “Where to Go for More,” Horace’s usual resources overview. But it’s not gone for good! Look for an expanded version of “Where to Go for More” online when this issue appears on the CES National website in September 2006.

On another note, just to make sure that we’re doing our part to supply the nation’s schools with future students, during the winter and spring of 2006, four babies have joined the CES National family! Look for Ava Helene Flaxman Purser, daughter of Small Schools Project Co-Director Laura Flaxman; Micah Reed Feldman, son of Research Director Jay Feldman; Mona Luz Medina-Safir, daughter of Small Schools Project Program Associate Manny Medina; and my own son, Henry Theodore Davidson Eberman, in your classrooms in the not-so-distant future. And as always, thank you for being there for them and all children.