The Boat-Building Project

Ahoy maties! Your challenge for this term is to design a boat that can carry you. And unless you want to get wet, it better be a good, sound boat! Each student will design a boat and create a small cardboard model of it. On October 20, we will test the boats to see which one carries the most weight. The winner of the contest will receive an exciting prize! Then the class will get to build that boat. The final test will be when we put it in the water with someone inside.

The Learning Goals
In order to advance in academic standing at Boston Evening Academy, students must demonstrate proficiency in 5 competencies: Math, Science, Humanities, Technology, and Personal Development. The benchmarks needed to reach the competency in science include skills and habits of mind. In the Science competency, we address these benchmarks in this term:

Design Process
Propose a design to a given problem or challenge
Implement a solution that conforms to design constraints
Communicate the problem, process, rational and solution

Data and Results
Take scientific measurements
Construct table of data using Excel
Summarize results concisely

Materials and Methods
Conduct experiments
Communicate experimental procedure
Identify variables
Define variables operationally
Design investigations with appropriate methods of recording and – interpreting data

Physical science-fluid mechanics: density, pressure, buoyancy, Archimedes principle, water displacement

Accurately use scientific and technological vocabulary, symbols and models

Demonstrate an understanding of scientific concepts in writing and orally
Identify the relevance of scientific concepts and their connection to real life

Build a boat with other students

Condensed from an assignment by Gena Merliss at Boston Evening Academy. For more information contact