Three Classes Per Semester, Two Semesters a Year

Several Coalition high schools use some variation of this schedule, (which resembles a “Copernican schedule”) with three 95- to 100-minute blocks each day in two semesters. An additional 50- to 57-minute block is used for teacher planning or elective courses.

Robeson High School, Chicago.
Three subjects per semester; three 100-minute classes a day, plus lunch. Teachers get half-hour morning prep period plus 50-minutes daily planning. Teachers can teach three classes one semester and two the next, or two plus a shared class with whomever they choose each term. Students take math and English for 100 minutes daily every term for two years, ideally completing all requirements in those fields by the end of tenth grade; they fit four years worth of required science as well as social studies (integrated with the arts) and electives into four years of long blocks.

Mt. Everett Regional High School, Sheffield, Massachusetts.
Three 99-minute blocks daily, with a short 57-minute “interest course” (recently available for credit). Students take six courses a year plus short interest courses. Teachers have three 99-minute blocks plus 57 minutes prep daily during one semester; the other semester they teach two 99-minute blocks and a 57-minute “interest course” plus a 99-minute prep. Except for a new ninth-grade team, no common planning is scheduled.

Caledonia (MI) High School.
Three 95-minute periods daily per semester, plus one 55-minute period, a 15-minute nutrition break for all, and a 30-minute lunch. An interim four-day “interdisciplinary learning experience” during second semester (February 28-March 3) may include expeditions, service learning, catch-up, or senior exhibition preparation. American Studies meets with English 11 all year with a team of teachers (English, music, two history teachers, one of whom coaches technology); World Studies for tenth graders meets for two 95-minute periods daily in one semester with a four-teacher team.