Weaving the Library Program into the Curriculum

The work of Barbara K. Stripling and the late Judy M. Pitts lends both theoretical and practical weight to library media specialists and teachers who regard thoughtful research skills as a crucial part of a curriculum. They urge schools to include librarians in school planning from top to bottom, as described in this chart reprinted with permission from their useful book, Brainstorms and Blueprints: Teaching Library Research as a Thinking Process (Colorado: Libraries Unlimited, 1988).

Person or Group Activity
Laying the Foundation

Library Media Specialist [LMS] with advisory committee

LMS with advisory committee

Develop preliminary ideas for philosophy and goals of research. Prepare philosophy and research.
Achieving Support
District curriculum committee and/or Building curriculum committee and/or
Building facultyLMS

LMS and department heads or faculty advisory committee



LMS and faculty and/or departments

Accept philosophy and goals of research.

Develops skills continuum based on research philosophy and goals.

Make tentative assignment of skills to appropriate departments. Presents simplified list or matrix of skills to faculty. May present workshop about research to faculty.

Finalize skills assignments.

Implementing the Program
With departments
LMS and departmentsWith individual teachers

With administrators

Insert skills into specific departments.

Plan and schedule unit activities.

Communicates information about the research program.

Evaluating the Program
LMS and teachers

Evaluates class performance, quantity and quality of research units.

Change research units to respond to evaluation results.