Resources for Curriculum Development

Technological Resources

The Homework Page. Information of value in researching school projects is at http://www. jewels//homework.html

Global Education Resources. Contact http:// OED1.html

Kid Lists. Anchors to 82 sites children and their parents might enjoy. Contact /pub/journalism/kid.html

Awesome Lists. Innovative sites with practical value and professional expertise. Contact pub/journalism/awe-ie.html

Educational Resources. Online resources and projects for students and educators. Contact http://quest. arc.nasa. gov/OER/

Science Learning Network links museums of science like Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute to innovative schools. Contact

Educational Hotlists. A great resource at

Curriculum Designer, software for curriculum developers. Tudor Publishing, San Diego, CA ; tel.   800-998-4531    800-998-4531 .

Organizations and Resources

Atlas Communities’ curriculum design tool and planning framework can be obtained through Michael DeAngelo, EDC, 55 Chapel St., Newton, MA 02169; tel.    617-969-7100   617-969-7100 .

Foxfire, P.O. Box 541, Mountain City, GA 30562; tel.    706-746-5318   706-746-5318 .

Wisconsin Center for Education Research, 1025 W. Johnson St., Madison, WI 53707; tel.  608-263-4214  608-263-4214 .

The Mid-Continent Education Research Laboratory (McRel), 2550 S. Parker Rd., Suite 500, Aurora, CO 80014; access its database on the Internet at

California Foreign Language Project; Curriculum Organization for Active Communication and Heterogeneity (COACH); tel.  714-824-3523  714-824-3523


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Robert J. Marzano and John Kendall, “The McRel Database: A Tool for Constructing Local Standards,” Educational Leadership (March 1995).

Joseph McDonald, “Dilemmas of Planning Backwards: Rescuing a Good Idea” and “Steps in Planning Backwards”; Joseph McDonald, Bethany Rogers, and Theodore Sizer, “Standards and School Reform: Asking the Essential Questions.” $4 each from CES Publications, Box 1969 Brown University, Providence RI 02912.

McLaughlin, M. and Talbert, J. (1993). “Contexts that Matter for Teaching and Learning.” Stanford, CA: Center for Research on Context of Secondary School Teaching.