Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 12 | 1996

Volume 12 | 1996 | Issue 5

The Arts and Other Languages: From Elective to Essential: Reveals what the arts and foreign languages can contribute to improving teaching and learning, designing interdisciplinary curriculum and addressing issues of inclusiveness and community. Download PDF

Volume 12 | 1996 | Issue 4

Developing Curriculum in Essential Schools: Looks at ways to reconcile Essential school ideals about curriculum with the realities of time and teaching and whether teacher-developed curriculum serves students' learning needs better than courses "off the shelf." Download PDF

Volume 12 | 1996 | Issue 3

Documenting Whole-School Change in Essential Schools: Offers new ideas about what data schools should collect and how they can use it to evaluate their programs and create more meaningful ways to record student progress and hold themselves accountable to their constituencies. Download PDF

Volume 12 | 1996 | Issue 2

Using Time Well: Schedules in Essential Schools: Explores new ways of conceiving and ordering the school day that work with rather than against the Essential School philosophy and considers what teachers need to plan and use the long-block schedule effectively. Download PDF  

Volume 12 | 1996 | Issue 1

Information, Literacy, and The Essential School Library: Addresses what "learning to learn" looks like and how school librarians can redefine their roles as generalists and information specialists to become partners in collaborative decision-making and curriculum development. Download PDF