Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 18 | 2002

Volume 18 | 2002 | Issue 4

Working for Equity through Community Collaboration: Looks at Oakland's new small autonomous schools effort and the relationship of three organizations involved in the effort: Bay Area Coalition of Equitable Schools, Oakland Community Organizations, and Oakland Unified School District. Download PDF

Volume 18 | 2002 | Issue 3

Democratic Leadership in Coalition SchoolsCES schools are adopting leadership and management methods that include teachers, students and families. Principals and other school administrators are reshaping their roles. This issue of Horace looks at reasons for moving to models of democratic school leadership, along with strategies and practices to support the shift.

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Volume 18 | 2002 | Issue 2

Personalized Assessment and Standards: Provides another look at the various ways Coalition schools are confronting the challenges of the accountability and standardized testing movement by providing invaluable alternatives for students to demonstrate their mastery of essential habits and skills.  

Volume 18 | 2002 | Issue 1

Educational Architecture on a Human Scale: Expounds upon the power of flexible designs that support personalized learning and relationships, relating the experiences of educators and architects trying to design best spaces for learning and provides guidelines for both designing new spaces and transforming existing ones. Download PDF