Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 14 | 1998

Volume 14 | 1998 | Issue 5

How Friends Can Be Critical As Schools Make Essential Changes: Provides ways that school people can help each other participate in a cycle of inquiry that examines data, teaching practices, and student work as a means of making change. Download PDF

Volume 14 | 1998 | Issue 4

Teacher Renewal: Essential in a Time of Change: Examines what new and experienced teachers in Essential schools need in the way of professional education and support. Download PDF

Volume 14 | 1998 | Issue 3

Democracy and Equity: CES's Tenth Common Principle: Provides ways schools can promote democratic principles and challenge inequity and discrimination in their policies, practices, and pedagogies. Download PDF

Volume 14 | 1998 | Issue 2

Demonstrating Student Performance in Essential Schools: Presents ways Essential schools are augmenting data from norm-referenced standardized tests to offer richer and more public evidence about student learning.

Volume 14 | 1998 | Issue 1

What's 'Essential' About Learning in the World of Work?: Explores the links between Essential school learning through projects and other authentic contexts and the school-to-work movement's move to situate more learning in the workplace. Download PDF