Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 17 | 2001

Volume 17 | 2001 | Issue 3

Looking Back on 15 Years of Essential School Designs: In her last issue as the editor of Horace, Kathleen Cushman looks back on 15 years and 60 issues, observing how the change process has affected school cultures deeply. She notes the 10 most powerful changes she has witnessed, including the dismantling of huge comprehensive high schools, the creation of networks of critical friendships, and the integration of curriculum. This issue also includes tributes from Coalition co-founders, Ted Sizer and Deborah Meier. Download PDF

Volume 17 | 2001 | Issue 2

Equity Drives Essential Schools' Push for Adolescent Literacy: Provides powerful reasons and methods for developing adolescent literacy. Noting the increasing diversity of student populations, Cushman urges readers to use the lever of literacy, coaching students to master basic skills and practice complex strategies, to achieve equitable outcomes across content areas. This issue includes very helpful examples and tools for teachers.  

Volume 17 | 2001 | Issue 1

What Good Schools Do When Their Students Don't Do Well: Surveys school practices and programs that provide intensive support and resources to assist students who are not meeting standards. This issue also describes the challenges schools face when students who demonstrate mastery on performance assessments don't pass standardized tests. Download PDF