Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 5 | 1989

Volume 5 | 1989 | Issue 5

Asking the Essential Questions: Curriculum Development: Examines why curriculum should be organized around thoroughness instead of coverage, questions instead of answers; includes a guide for using essential questions in class. Download PDF

Volume 5 | 1989 | Issue 4

Scheduling the Essential School: Provides strategies schools have used to create new schedules to enhance learning; includes sample schedules from three schools. Download PDF  

Volume 5 | 1989 | Issue 3

Getting Started in an Essential School Program: Describes school start-up experiences to address such questions as, What are the first steps? Must the whole school take part? How will we find and maintain support? Download PDF

Volume 5 | 1989 | Issue 2

Teaching in the Essential School: Addresses concerns about teaching in an Essential school, particularly about becoming a "generalist" and about designing interdisciplinary assignments. Download PDF

Volume 5 | 1989 | Issue 1

Affording the Essential School: How planners can disarm the chief obstacle to school change – “We can’t afford it” – and force attention instead to the real subject: how a community wants its students to learn. Download PDF