Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 16 | 2000

Volume 16 | 2000 | Issue 3

High Standards for Essential Learning Demand a Mix of MeasuresWhat's not on the test? Teachers, students, and parents are drawing new attention to the vital skills and habits that most state tests ignore and asking for more and richer ways to show what they have learned.

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Volume 16 | 2000 | Issue 2

What Makes for Powerful Learning? Students Tell Their Own Experiences: Provides seven students' accounts from around the country of powerful learning experiences, which provide clues to such pressing concerns as how teachers might assess and document such learning, how the whole school can help facilitate, and what the common threads between these experiences are. Download PDF

Volume 16 | 2000 | Issue 1

Ten by Ten: Essential Schools That Exemplify the Ten Common Principles: Illuminates how Essential schools interpret the Ten Common Principles in ways that necessarily reflect very different local contexts. As the principles work in concert, moreover, schools often find that one rises to prominence, prompting a press for excellence that illumines and ignites other areas of change as well.