Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 16 | 2000 | Issue 2

What Makes for Powerful Learning? Students Tell Their Own Experiences: Provides seven students' accounts from around the country of powerful learning experiences, which provide clues to such pressing concerns as how teachers might assess and document such learning, how the whole school can help facilitate, and what the common threads between these experiences are. Download PDF

A Student and Her Exhibition: One Teacher’s Portrait

by Peggy Silva, Souhegan High School, Amherst, New Hampshire Peggy Silva, an English teacher at Souhegan High School in Amherst, New Hampshire, followed several students’ experiences closely in the process of writing a book about this Essential school founded in 1992. Here she describes a student preparing for the Division One Exhibition Souhegan requires midway through the high school career,

Coaching Students to Think and Speak for Themselves

A theatre arts teacher and a Critical Friends Group coach for the Narragansett, Rhode Island school system, Jan Grant works closely with teachers in three Essential schools-elementary, middle, and high school. Her work with high school students there sparked the following reflection: The concept of Collaborative Inquiry was easy for me to accept when I first encountered it at a

The Boat-Building Project

Ahoy maties! Your challenge for this term is to design a boat that can carry you. And unless you want to get wet, it better be a good, sound boat! Each student will design a boat and create a small cardboard model of it. On October 20, we will test the boats to see which one carries the most weight.

What Makes for Powerful Learning? Students Tell Their Own Experiences

What works best to engage, motivate, and challenge students to learn? In the midst of the national fervor to raise the quality of teaching and learning, educators or policymakers often forget to ask the students themselves. Yet if we listen to their words and look closely at the work they do, we can find clues to some of the most