Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 15 | 1999

Volume 15 | 1999 | Issue 5

Essential School Structure and Design: Boldest Moves Get the Best Results: Shows how the way schools are designed, from what they teach to how they allocate time and people, should emerge from local priorities and build on what we know about student learning. Download PDF

Volume 15 | 1999 | Issue 4

The Cycle of Inquiry and Action: Essential Learning Communities: Explores how a continual dynamic of asking good questions and finding evidence can guide a school's actions. Inquiry and a culture of evidence are powerful tools in the growth of an Essential school community.  

Volume 15 | 1999 | Issue 3

Student Development: How Essential School Practices and Designs Can Help: Examines how teachers can best coach kids in the habits of thoughtful adults and support them in their different rates of growth and what this implies for how we organize Essential schools. Download PDF

Volume 15 | 1999 | Issue 2

What's Out There? Curricula that Support Essential School Ideas: Presents a selection of curricula that reflect and support the Ten Common Principles, and helps teachers critically analyze their content, pedagogy, and purposes.

Volume 15 | 1999 | Issue 1

The Family and Essential Schools: Mobilizing Democracy Toward Equity: Sets out ways schools can empower all families to support students' learning, connecting family involvement to a culture of inquiry and action. [Includes Parent Survey] Download PDF