Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 22 | 2006

Volume 22 | 2006 | Issue 4

Leadership: Students as Writers: Essential School Students on Education and Activism: Produced in collaboration with CES’s Small Schools Project, this student-written issue tells stories about and examines the impact of youth leadership in the CES Network. Download PDF

Volume 22 | 2006 | Issue 3

Community Connections: Community-Based Learning and Essential Schools: Horace explores the challenges and value of internships, service learning, community collaborations, independent projects and other non-classroom centered learning opportunities in CES schools. Download PDF

Volume 22 | 2006 | Issue 2

Classroom Practice: Teaching and Learning Essential Literacy Skills:Horace spotlights the work of Essential school educators skilled in teaching heterogeneous groups while deepening meaning, relevance and academic challenge for all. Download PDF

Volume 22 | 2006 | Issue 1

School Design: How Essential Schools Prepare Students for Higher Education: Horace focuses on how the Common Principles guide Essential schools to cultivate the structures, guidance, and support for all students to be ready to be admitted to and persist in college and be ready for citizenship and leadership as adults.